Maha kundalini


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Spiritual Healing

Listen to the sacred sound of the Vedas. You will get divine mental peace. It is also very helpful to take you to a deeper level of peace. Vedic sound is a type of spiritual healing.


Connected with magic powers and things from Vedas that cannot be explained by modern science. The occult is a subject of supernatural beliefs and practices.

BY Acharya Madan

Maha Kundalini

The Maha Kundalini Tantra is related to Ancient Vedic Science. The knowledge of Yoga Tantra, that all of you are looking for, that transcendental science is getting possible only through the awakening of the life chakras of your Kundalini. This Yoga Tantra is a foundation course for you as modern meditation practice prevalent and it is also a very easy medium to understand and learn the subtle techniques of meditation.

Kundalini Activation
Vedic Research
Agnihotra Therapy
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